Short Instruction Manual

Unscrew the bottom cover of the Tracking Tripod by twisting the cover counterclockwise and insert 3x AA batteries. Depending on the quality of your batteries, the Tracking Tripod can last up to 50 hours. 


Head to your smartphones application store (App Store / Google Play Store or similar) and download the application Apai Genie. There are no additional charges for using or downloading the app.

Note: This application is necessary in order for your smartphone to successfully connect via bluetooth to the tripod and continuously track your face movements while recording. 


Turn on the Tracking Tripod by pressing and holding the main button until the red light turns on 


Open the bluetooth settings on your phone and pair with both of the devices:
• QM-Aipai(BLE)
• QM-Aipai

Once the pairing is complete, the devices will appear in your "paired devices" and your Tracking Tripod has now successfully connected with your smartphone. 


Open the application Apai Genie on your smartphone. If your bluetooth is turned off, the application will ask to turn on your bluetooth. Please select "allow". The smartphone will automatically connect to the Tripod via bluetooth when the application is running. 

Place your smartphone on the Tracking Tripod. If your bluetooth connection is active, the bluetooth symbol on the top left corner of the application will turn blue.


Show your beautiful face to the camera and let the Tracking Tripod track your face movement. Make sure you have the face-tracking mode enabled. The symbol with the human in focus on the top of your screen is indicating that face-tracking mode is enabled.

Stay in camera focus for 3 seconds. The application will start counting down from 3 to 0 and automatically start tracking your face and record a video or take a picture, depending on which shooting mode you are in. Simply choose between "photo" and "video" to change modes. 

If you run out of the picture too fast, the Tracking Tripod will stop your recording. To start recording again, simply let the camera track your face and it will again start counting down from 3 to 0. 

If you wish to exit the face tracking mode and use the Tracking Tripod as a tripod, simply touch on the symbol with the human in focus. By doing so you switch to non-tracking mode. To go back to face tracking mode simply touch the symbol again.