Grey ZEN tea set presented on a wooden table
Grey ZEN tea set standing on a wooden table with a white background
Three parts of a grey ZEN tea set presented on a wooden ground
Two cups of a tea set presented on a wooden table
The tea pot of the grey ZEN tea set presented on a wooden table

ZEN Shūkai

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Embrace tradition and experience zen trough the art of tea. Discover the ZEN | Tea Collection by TwentyOneNomads. One of the essential pieces, inspired by hundreds of years of Japanese tea culture, is the ZEN Shūkai. This tea pot is not only unique in its looks, but also when it comes to functionality. It is basically a 3 in 1 tea set consisting of the black ceramic teapot and two small teacups. It can be used in the most simple way. Although it has a deep and complex social meaning. In former times these kind of tea sets were used when Japanese were traveling their country as well as in the army, always carrying these kinds of tea sets. Even hundreds of years ago having tea together was an important aspect of social life. In this context sharing tea & time together gains in importance and the term Shūkai makes sense since it is Japanese and means "get together". 
Get inspired by the roots of Japanese tea culture and find your personal ZEN with TwentyOneNomads designer pieces.

Color: ZEN Grey 
Material: Japanese Ceramic 
Item: Tea Set
Craft technique: Japanese Pigmentation
Functionality: 3 in 1 Tea Set
Usage: Brewing Tea

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