Magnetic Lamp with wooden base and two wooden spheres in a circular design and warm light
Magnetic Lamp with wooden base and two wooden spheres next to a bed in a bedroom
Details of a magnetic light lamp with wooden spheres, wooden base and non-slipper attachment
Dimensions of the magnetic lamp with a wooden base and a warm light
No equilibrium between the two spheres who light up the magnetic lamp, the light is off
Equilibrium created between the two wooden spheres in the middle of the lamp to turn on the light


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The Greek Athena Lamp. Creates a magnetic equilibrium between the two levitating wooden spheres to light up the circular halo. Attached on a sturdy base of eucalyptus wood, it features a soft but present glow to light up your bed room.  

• Dimensions: 10.2 x 13.4 inches
• Magnetic switch 

LED light source included.
Lift magnet until both attract to turn light on. 


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