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The line leads the way. Line art is the basic element that underpins most artistic production, as opposed to being an art movement in itself. Both Picasso and Matisse made line art drawings that are considered to be some of their most widely recognized and iconic works, certainly among the most-loved works by each artist.

Picasso’s line drawings were created with pencil or chalk, often rendered in one unbroken fluid line conveying enormous amounts of visual information with effortless economy, perfectly evoking an animal, a myth, a woman, flowers, amongst other motifs. In much the same way as Picasso, Matisse explored the possibilities of line art extensively.  He used the expressive potential of the line gesture to depict very intimate subjects such as nude figures, the female form and, like Picasso, other subject matters like mythology.

Upon all attributes line art conveys simplicity and a form of lightness. 

  • Style: Modern & minimalist
  • Waterproof ink
  • High resolution printings
  • Color: White semi-gloss artists canvas
  • Unframed 
  • Material: High quality canvas 

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